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Join the IFLS - as a member &/or participate in our events  

Dear Colleagues, Graduate Students and Friends of IFLS,

I invite you to consider becoming a member of the Osgoode Institute for Feminist Legal Studies for 2020-21   If you have an interest in feminist topics and related legal, socio-political, economic and philosophical approaches.  To become a member, please respond to the Institute's coordinator, Lielle Gonsalves, at We hope to have you as part of our scholarly community for the coming academic year.

If you are already a member we will automatically renew your membership, so please contact us if you would prefer that we remove you from our mailing and membership lists.

As a member, you can Attend events, participate in activities, planning and governance of the IFLS, and have an active role in shaping the Institute into a vibrant and intellectually stimulating venue.

Non-members are most welcome at almost all of our events. But members will receive announcements about IFLS programs and can participate in planning IFLS priorities, visitors and events.     The unusual circumstances around campus life in the 2020-21 academic year will inevitably make all of our encounters less personal and there will be no social events and conventional after-talk dinners for members to attend and enjoy. But as a Member, you will have the opportunity to attend the Annual Meeting of Members at the end of the academic year and to participate in decision-making about the Institute. Your suggestions are always welcome and the Institute will heavily rely on the feedback and engagement of its members to grow further.

Please reply to this email (to if you would like to change or initiate membership status with the IFLS.

With thanks,

-Hengameh Saberi